Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 54

March 8th, 2016

Day 127 7:00PM Once the battle had ended, the party, still underwater, was able to heal their wounds and survey the ruins of the Brine Banshee, picking out many shiny things, some magical things and twelve crates of gold and silver ingots, formerly the property of the Deeptreasure Mining Company out of Sargava. They also found a gold statuette of a wasp – Temujin and Father Pyrlig quickly recognized the object as the Golden Vespal, a valuable icon to the temple of Calistria – at the party’s last visit, Jim Haveless of the Pathfinder Society had mentioned that there was a temple of Calistria in Quent. By day’s end, all the swag was raised up on the deck of the Splash and stowed by morning.

Day 128 6:00AM The Splash, and company, set sail for the Devil’s Mouth, near the islands of Kepre Dua. Mr Fitch visited the captain and ever so gently made a request for some kind of reward for all his help in providing such profitable information and to facilitate his own retirement – Captain Damiano made no promises but stated that he would consider what Mr. Fitch had to say.

Mittens and Temujin worked together to send albatross messengers to the various ports of Shark Island and Plumetown on Smoker Island – Mittens’ message was to Glaive Snaggletooth, the half-orc mage who escaped the battle on the Dryad’s Grave – Mittens sought no revenge but offered honest employment to Glaive.

Day 130 8:00AM Sandara, guided by the provided map, brought the ships to a small series of volcanic islands that make up Kepre Dua, the map indicated an overland trek through a washed out gorge. Temujin sent Raven in for a closer look, which reported back of deep forest growth and a large waterfall feeding the gorge heading towards the party’s ships to the west and inlets to the sea to the east. Raven did not see the ship. The party was uninterested in an slow overland trek, so Nico summoned elementals to ferry them overland, setting down at the waterfall for a closer look. As the party flew high over the gorge, they quickly passed over the the sparkling river flowing inland – they could only wonder what adventures might lay among the fern, lichen and moss covered basalt walls of the slot canyons below!

At the waterfall, Temujin and Dwag noted ship’s masts among the tight basalt crags to the east, and the party mounted up and flew in that direction. Circling above the water worn basalt columns was the galleon, the Andoran, nestled neatly in the narrow inlet. They noted a dead ape upon an extended gangplank and decided to set down upon the stern deck.

As the party landed upon the planking, a trap was sprung and a series of bolts shot out of a footlocker striking Mittens, Damiano and their elemental mounts. Dwag proceed to scan for traps slowly moving across the stern deck and down the stairs to the main deck. While Dwag did his work, Mittens flew over to investigate the dead ape, which was obviously slain by repeated arrows stuck in its hide. As Mittens reviewed the ape, another chest upon the main deck opened, right next to Dwag and shot an array of arrows striking Mittens. As soon as the shot launched, the lid closed and mechanics were heard inside, possible resetting the trap. Dwag spent some time and after a bit of difficult was able to disable the trap from launching again. Dwag cleared the main deck and descending below, he found more traps and a nasty bit of yellow mold growing in the dark. Father Pyrlig blasted the mold was divine light destroying the mold. Dwag entered the captains quarters and missed another trap, until hissing was heard and poisonous gas filled the cabin. Luckily, Dwag had a hardy constitution and made it out unscathed and proceeded to search the ship until he could safely state that it was ‘clean.’

The Andoran appeared to be a fine ship. While it had some rigging damage and needed it’s hull scraped, it was in solid condition. The ship appeared to be left here and anything of worth was removed.

The party noted that the cliff sides had been worked to drop large stones into the inlet to block the ship’s exit.

Dwag and Father Pyrlig jumped into the inlet and inspected the underside of the ship. While below they noted that the rocks barring the mouth of the inlet sat on submerged wooden rail. The inlet appeared to be quite deep, and was well suited to allow passage of the galleon’s deep draft. Dwag and Pyrlig noted some large crocodiles ascending toward them and they rejoined the party on the main deck.

With nothing else to attend to here and Captain Damiano deciding that there was no plan to immediate reclaim the Andoran, the party took their leave with the elementals back to the Splash.

Day 130 10:00AM Back aboard the Splash, the Captain gave orders for Sandara to set course to Quent.

Day 131 4:00PM Arriving at Quent, the Splash was met by the harbormaster, Abraham Gray, and after Nico settled their dues, their ships were escorted into town. Nico immediately set about with the local merchants to liquidate their plunder while Damiano and Dwag picked up their magical armor from Abdou the crafter. With the Captain’s approval, Nico gave Haneilius Fitch 1,000 GPs who was appreciative and took his leave from the Splash to see his retirement in Quent.

While Temujin was attending to his duties dockside, he was greeted by a female longshoreman, named Jihan. She sought him out to report that shortly after the Splash left town, a trawler owned by a fisherman, named Mr. Nick, took many supplies out of the harbor to a Chelish cutter called the King Crimson. Temujin was able to find this Mr. Nick and realize that he was just a local fisherman making ends meet by making this delivery. Mr. Nick felt that they were en route to Drenchport and that their was an attractive blond woman on board, armed to the teeth. Mr Nick was contacted by a local, named Fletcher Brown who made the purchase of goods from Leban’s Warehouses.

Nico and the Captain went with Captain Vhiski into town and secured his payment for the safe voyage to Quent. After payment was rendered Captain Vhiski wished them Besmara’s Luck and went on his way.

The crew and officers were given their pay and granted leave. The party made their way to the tavern, Three Sailors Smiling, where Mittens told tale after tale under he was hoarse – Yacine bolstered Mittens’ story spinning by adding flourishes and bringing him wine to quench his thirst and restore his voice. After the tavern folk were regaled in the tales of Captain Damiano and his crew, they were approached by a clean-dressed sailor, who introduced himself as Harlan Valance of the Spectre. Harlan invited the party to a private table at the rear of the Tavern and they party joined him there. Harlan stated that he had heard more and more of the party of late, that their exploits lead them to events on land and sea and some involve entanglements with the Chelish Navy – which interested him the most. Harlan offered that he served under Free Captain Tessa Fairwind, a member of the pirate council and the lord of Quent.

With that – Tessa entered the bar to the rowdy huzzah of the sailors throughout the room, a certain indicator of her popularity.


After a spell, Tessa joined Harlan and the party, and introductions were made. Tessa offered the party a Letter of Marque which would certainly help their considerations for being made a Free Captain. In return, Tessa needed some folk who were less recognizable than herself to further investigate the potential Chelish threat to the Shackles. Both parties were amenable and Tessa would have Harlan deliver the Letter the next morning. As the party still were having their ship unloaded, but directly afterwards they were heading to Port Peril – Harlan would deliver some intelligence to them that they would appreciate their attention to. Also, Tessa stressed that the taking of prisoners, alive, would be helpful to making her point to the pirate council.

Day 132 1:00AM After more food and drink, the party took their leave of Tessa, Harlan and the Three Sailors Smiling and wound their way home back through the pleasant cobblestone streets to the wharf, their way lit by the full moon high in the sky. Arriving at the Splash, they heard screams aboard ship and rushing up the gangplank there was blood upon the deck. Badger reported that one of the new guys, Jim Hawkins, picked up just before Undertow Island, had transformed into a wolf-man. Luckily, the new orc recruits, wasted no time laying him low and securing him below decks – but not without injury. A half dozen crewman were wounded by Jim Hawkins. Also, his colleague, Ben Gunn, was currently in town, enjoying his leave.

[end of session 54]
{Day 127-132}



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