Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 60

April 26th, 2016

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 177 1:15AM The party joined Nico’s babau demon, named Brujah, in the storeroom. Dwag, checking carefully for traps, entered the next room – a well laid out alchemist’s laboratory. The party focused on the first door to the left – Dwag noting that the handle was slick with acid and a coating of poison. The far door was barred on this side of the chamber, so the party let it be.


Brujah hissed, smelling the acidic odor on the handle – babau acid! Gnashing his teeth, Brujah wanted to grip and kill – killing this smart-assy dwarf would make him happy, but master said no! <sigh>

Popping the lock on the door, Dwag looked into the room – there was a glint of light on the floor, reflecting off of a random array of semi precious stones and glass baubles strewn through this den – the room appeared to be ransacked and in the corner was a mat of straw and some old blankets.

Dwag moved into the room, with the babau close to his side, close enough so the demon could smell the sourness of that dwarf-flesh. Mmmm good! Damiano moved in, with Father Pyrlig and Mittens keeping in the doorway, and alert for any activity at the barred far door of the lab.

There were two archways in the room, one leading to a dining room and the other to a library – both rooms appeared to have been torn up. Silently creeping around the corner of the archway, a large cat appeared, with snakes jutting from it’s shoulders. Growling it opened its mouth wider to exhale a loud cloud of gas throughout the den.

The party didn’t succumb to the large cat’s foul breath, called a kamadan. Dwag and Damiano moved in to fight. The kamadan turned about to fight Damiano as he flanked the feline – attacking with claw, fang and snake bites – but nothing got past Damiano’s defenses. Soon afterwards, the fight was over, the beast falling heavy to the wooden floor boards. Father Pyrlig and Mittens noted the heavy thump of the cat’s body, and soon after they heard footfalls and voices outside their door.

The party pushed out their two doors heading in the hallway to see a half dozen pirate guards spread throughout the hall and stairways. The party closed to engage the pirates. Nico, who had been covering Zarskia upstairs, summoned an elemental to guard her unconscious body and joined the party on the second floor. Nico clarified his orders to Brujah, the babau, and ordered him to stop lolly-gagging, in hopes that he could have an opportune meal of dwarf. The demon savaged a pirate already assaulted by the party and proceeded to feast on the guard’s guts in a horrific display.

After the party slew the pirates on the upper level, Damiano and Mittens led them downstairs to the first floor. The pirate below surrendered, but not until he yelled out to unseen companions that he was done for. Damiano and Mittens heard steps running off in two different directions of hallways and gave chase. The party followed up and Brujah menaced the pirate guard to stay put.

Damiano had a hard time bashing down the stout wood doors that he came to. His only success was finding multiple trapped door handles – causing his hands to blister and burn from babau acid and an added layer of poison. But after failing twice, he knew what to look for! Mittens found himself in the kitchen. Luckily Dwag came up beside him and noted a large trap in the center of the room – which Dwag disabled. Moving on, the party found themselves in the front show room of the apothecary. Moments before they had heard the front door slam – perhaps a guard or two made their own escape. Nico cast an alarm on the front room of the apothecary, as well as giving Brujah standing orders to kill anything that returned to the business – for the duration of his summons.

The party returned to the second floor and took a few moments to pack up the valuable items in the alchemist lab – they ascended to the third floor and grabbed Zarskia. Nico summoned more elementals an turned the entire party invisible – the flew off, with a round about route back to the deck of the Splash.

Back on the ship, they perused their valuables, and stowed Zarskia and the pirate guard in the hold. They also found their claimed papers, a brief note, written in infernal (and dated 4 months ago), which Nico translated, “Silence is now key. Our plans will go into full force once our agent finishes his preparations. Destroy any remaining evidence and discreetly sell your business. Wait for me at the decided location for your next assignment. ~Nisroch.”

Day 177 2:00AM It was early in the morning, the party needed to have Father Pyrlig heal Zarskia enough so she would come to, in order to be questioned – before handing her over to Harlan Valance. Then the party would need to determine their next steps.

[end of session 60]
{Day 177}



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