Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 96

January 17th 2017

Day 269 7AM Nico completed the last of his magical crafting. The party debated if they should follow up with Karl Magnus at the Cup & Scudder, but they decided that now was not the time. Temujin retrieved his mirror from the Black Purrl and successfully scryed Tahpio aboard the Albatross.

Father Pyrlig climbed into Nico’s bag of holding, and Mittens teleported the party, who was invisible, upon the aft deck of the Albatross. Captain Tawny Gorn and the officers there felt something amiss, as the space felt closed in – it wasn’t until the party attacked and the veil of invisibility dropped that the captain and crew realized that they were ambushed aboard their own ship.

Captain Damiano saw the holy symbol of Besmara upon one officer and laid into her, slaying her in moments. Temujin dropped a rainbow pattern across the foredeck of the ship – many of the crew were transfixed by the undulating waves of colors before their eyes. The cyclops on the main deck whirled around and struck out at Dwag who had Tawny Gorn one side and an officer upon the other.

The cyclops, known as Bantu, swatted over the railing at Dwag. Mittens followed suite and smote Bantu with his electrified spear. Captain Tawny Gorn recognized Captain Damaino and his crew from the Regatta and she spat out threats and curses at them for their effrontery attacking her upon her own ship! Tawny Gorn took out her anger, attacking Temujin with her trusty hand axe.

From high in the crow’s nest, one sailor resisted the fascinating waves of color cast by Temujin and rained all sorts of devices upon the party. One vial splashed down at Temujin’s, Nico’s and Mittens’ feet, but it appeared to be a dud. No burning effect or any other side effect. They party fought on. Nico needing room to move, side stepped across the aft deck to summon his elementals. Moments later, Mittens and Temujin found their feet and/or boots fused to the decking.

Two sorceresses, who had been invisible, appeared aft and port of the ship, and caught the party in a crossfire of acidic dragon’s breath. Nico sent his elementals after both of them. Temujin successfully dispelled the port side sorcerer’s fly spell and she plummeted into the sea. The aft-most sorcerer pulled away from the ship.

After several moments of assaulting Tawny and her crew, there was a brief respite and space, as Damiano slew one of the defending officers. Nico let Father Pyrlig out of the bag. Shortly after healing the party, a thunderstone dropped between Father Pyrlig and Nico, from the crow’s nest – Pyrlig was struck deaf from the large cracking sound.

Dwag starting clearing space, killing the officer at his side. As Tawny attacked Temujin, Dwag laid into Tawny. As Tawny’s footing became unstable from Dwag’s repeated blows, he struck her unconscious.

Mittens kept the pressure on the cyclops, Bantu, and the party rallied together and the cyclops was slain. The party realized that this fellow was much larger, burlier, than his counterparts at Sumitha. With the bulk of the resistance slain, the word was given to surrender, and the remainder of the Albatross’ crew did indeed surrender. Soon afterwards, Nico’s elementals returned with the prone forms of the two sorceresses.

Healing up, and tying up their prisoners the party settled in upon the Albatross. Temujin worked with the last surviving officer to get the crew in order. Nico, with the help of his summoned succubus questioned Tahpio, Chyros, Messias and Tawny Gorn. Tahpio had enlisted Chryos and Messias to do much of his dirty work. He had been hired by {link} ==>Alto Broadly and Pence the Knife. However while at D.C.I. Tahpio had reported to the various scouting vessels and communicated by lantern code until he and his two accomplices set fire to the work tent, the docks, slew the watch in the eastern tower and escaped into a jolly boat – to be picked up by Tawny Gorn.

Tawny, was simply making some cash. Bringing out the cyclops, Bantu, to bear witness that this Free Captain Damiano and his crew had taken over Sumitha and the Isle of Empty Eyes. Bantu would bring word back to his companions, the cyclops raiding party, that was currently on another vessel, the frigate, The Bannermen. The Bannermen was under command of the free booter captain, One-Eyed Aethyl. She worked for the Free Captain, Andronicus, the Ass! The party had heard of Andronicus before, when they met Captain Arcel of the frigate, the Bloody Carnage out of Falchion Point. Tawny was being bankrolled however by a Nidalese fellow, by the name of Karunus Impel, who should be aboard the Bannermen. Tawny was simply picking up Tahpio and returning him, his two conspirators and the cyclops to the Bannermen tonight off a spit of rocks west of {click} ==> Bhudrek Atoll. Father Pyrlig remembered this location as this was where he was able to determine that the ruins of the Night Voyager laid near Bhudrek Atoll.

Captain Damiano gave word to set sail towards this meeting place – the prisoners were tied up, confined and guarded as the Albatross set sail.

Day 269 8PM As evening approached they laid anchor off the rocks and kept watch. Dwag was in the crow’s nest when he was visited by a female mage, hovering some 30’ away. She introduced herself as Jihan Samsara of the Bannermen. She asked of the cyclops, Bantu, where is he? Dwag hemmed and hawed and yelled down to Temujin and Father Pyrlig. Mittens transformed himself into a great hulking brute and tried to pass himself as a drunken cyclops squeezing up out of the hold of the sloop. Nico magic jarred himself into Tawny Gorn’s body and came up the ladder yelling at Jihan – demanding her pay. Jihan asked Father Pyrlig how long he had been aboard the Albatross, and he replied just a few weeks. Jihan followed up asking who the cyclops leader was – Father Pyrlig responded, “Istoreth.” While true, Istoreth was the leader of the tribe at Sumitha, the crew aboard the Albatross had no knowledge of Istoreth. The leader of the cyclops raiding party, currently aboard the Bannermen, was Ummashtar. Captain Damiano was leading Tahpio up onto the main deck. As soon as Tahpio’s head was out of the hatch, he yelled, “It’s a trap!”

Wait-a-minute, that isn’t Tahpio!

Jihan scowled at the scene before her – the party feared that the gig was up!

[end of session 96]
{Day 269}



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