Possible hires, from previous discussions between PCs & NPCs:

  1. Four-Fingered Tom – shipwright (besides your onboard shipwright, Mathis Trevain) [currently in Port Peril]
  2. Ann Sharpe – and a number of other assorted prostitutes, ‘priestesses’ of Calistria [currently in Port Peril]
  3. Quick Tom – former bartender of the Hard Road Tavern in Barter Town (as far as you know, the only living survivor of the plague raging through Barter Town – whom you saved) [currently in Port Peril]


  • Kevin, the only ‘public’ library is at Port Peril – The Mystic Redoubt. There is a fee to member ship of several thousand GPs.
  • Sandara & Knuckles are your two acting captains. Who might be your castellan over the island governing all operations while you folk are training/making magic items/brokering for supplies, people, etc? As you know – General Contractors can spend all day talking about how to do something – if you guys are the castellan, it will slow down the pace of everything you do, due to constant interruptions requiring someones attention.

Cost appraisals coming in from all your vendors/workers/specialists…

  1. Cleaning/repairwork/decorating/building up human-sized guest quarters: 10,000 GPs
  2. Renovating harbor: 4,000 GPs
  3. Feast/purchase of quality food/drink/entertainment: 3,000-5,000 GPs

Party Invitations (other than the three that council members that will be evaluating you):

  • ?
  • The size of the invitation list will directly impact the item above: Feast/purchase of quality food/drink/entertainment: 3,000-5,000 GPs. There was some mention of the entire Free Pirate Council – keep in mind their entourages that you also have to support…also any free booter captains that you choose to invite…
    Free Pirate Council <click> ==> list, for your reference.

Party Plans to recondition Dread Cat Isle:
This may include purchasing materials from Quent/Port Peril, acquiring more laborers/specialists

  1. Tame island/Kill Haetanga (or be killed)
  2. Repair dock [Cost indicated above]
  3. Pick up supplies (lumber, brick?, carts, horses, provisions)
  4. Pick up workers & an engineer
  5. Manufacture stairs to eastern watch tower [unknown costs at this time]
  6. Repair road & bridge where necessary [included in cost indicated above]
  7. Re-ward tunnel
  8. Clean & rebuild Sumitha [included in cost indicated above]
  9. Buy carriages for guest transport [(1) carriage plus (4) horses = 400GP]
  10. Hire cook & staff for party [included in cost indicated above]

Any plans for renovating/making use of the Chelish Fort?
FYI, there were a few unexplored buildings, a forge, a chapel to Aroden and a long outbuilding – no risks there. Is the plan to focus on party renovations/requirements and leave the fort and south harbor as is for the time being?

Party Plans for training/making items (time required?):

  1. Accept the surrender of Captain Harrigan. [Not likely, let’s keep moving]
  2. Damiano’s retraining & Items, not listed in priority:
    Ability point (5 days & 600gp)
    Feat (5 days & 600gp). Looking to get “Fencing Grace” or “Greater Weapon Focus”
    HP (3 days & 360gp)
    Items (1 day per 1,000 gp)
    Belt of Tumbling (800gp MV)
    Belt, Blinkback (5,000gp MV)
    Robe of Vishkanya (3,000gp MV)
    Eyes of the Eagle (2,500gp MV)
    Boots, Daredevil Softpaws (1,400gp MV)
    Boots of Elvenkind (2,500gp MV)
    Headband of Alluring Charisma 1 (1,000gp MV)
    Headband of Alluring Charisma 2 (4,000gp MV)
    Upgrade Gloves of Dexterity to 3 (5,000gp MV)
    Upgrade Gloves of Dexterity to 4 (12,000gp MV)
    Add “Corsair” ability to armor (5,000gp MV)
    Add “Slick” ability to armor (3,750gp MV)
    Add “Answering” to sword (18,000gp MV)
    note: these are just things I’m interested in, I obviusly can’t afford most of it at this time. A lot will depend on party shares.

Sorry for the long list. Time to go to work

Mittens’ Too Sense
Level of Wizard to level of Arcanist (5 days, 600 gp)
Point Blank Shot to Spell Focus Evocation (5 days , 600 gp)
Precise Shot to Spell Specialization-Dragons Breath (5 days, 600 gp)
Arcane weapon exploit to Potent Magic exploit (5 days, 600 gp)
Extra Arcane Resevoir to metamagic feat Empower (5 days, 600 gp)
School Understanding Divination to School Understanding Evocation/ admixture (5 days, 600 gp)
DM’s Note: Holy crap – that is a whole month of training!!

And that should be all the training I would need for, like, ever. The Dragon Force is strong in this one, I’m just helping it along.

As far as what happens to Dread Cat Isle, I like all these plans and would only add that the casters should be screening all applicants for all positions.
I would also like to propose that we set up an account or membership with the Arcane guild in Port Peril whose name escapes me so as to have access to more party utility spells, items or allies

Death to all Chelish!
Who don’t join our crew…


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