Command Decisions:

Since you have underlings making command decisions on your behalf, and not to take up to much in-game time, such changes in roles or positions may be posted here – it is always your prerogative to countermand any changes listed.

  • Seamus assigned one of the new halfling sailors, Samwise, to act as the cook’s mate, to support Liara with galley duties now that the crew size is growing larger.
  • Heard from Barefoot Samms (bosun’s mate), that per Captain Damiano’s orders, Anggarna has been crossed off the ship’s roster.
  • 2nd Mate, Hamish Handel’s report to the ship’s officers: Seaman Simon Templeton (Rahadoumi human merchant) refused to do his duties since the Lash arrived in Quent. Old Sawney (master-at-arms mate) was near at hand when seaman Templeton became agitated about being worth a reward, especially in such a city as Quent, and being above his expected tasks. The events were witnessed by a number of the crew, most notable was Kroops. Sawney offered Templeton the option, once, to go back to his duties, which was ignored by Templeton. Sawney proceeded to sap Templeton unconscious. Otherwise fine, he was dumped in his hammock to recover. Sawney gave word to deck crews to keep an eye out when Templeton returns to duty, that he doesn’t make a break to swim to shore (it is unknown whether Templeton can swim).
  • Barefoot Samms (bosun’s mate) reports that after a few days, that the {see URL Link =>} rescued sailors, Jim Hawkins and Ben Gunn have recovered their strength and fallen right in to their duties aboard ship.
  • Captain Seamus Handel of the Shale officially requests of Captain Damiano that the Shale be outfitted with more weapons. Currently it is a big target in the water that can’t defend itself as it only has six light ballista. Perhaps the springal and two light catapults could be sold off the Dryad’s Grave and more ballistas purchased.
  • Per Dwag’s request, Knuckles has identified some of the tougher and more intelligent fighters from the sailors picked up recently at Falchion Point. While the new recruits are all fairly tough, most are not-so-bright. Since Sandara and Hamish have the Splash in hand, Knuckles has focused on training three men, and two women (Sweet William, One-Eyed Jack,
    Horace, Queenie & Angel) into killing more exotic folk other than other sailors and brawlers.
  • One of the Falchion Point Boyz, crewman Carver Crayton had a ‘spell.’ Talking to the air, spinning about, getting angry “at the air.” His brother Parvis tried to calm him down but Carver wouldn’t settle down or return to his duties. Knuckles employed a five-fingered solution and had Parvis bring the prone form of his brother back to his hammock.
  • Glaive contacted Captain Damiano via multiple Sending spells – They were vigilant when the dwarven captain (his name is Kyan Kain) woke up. He was bound and gagged. He immediately started to grind his teeth and attempt to chant (possibly a command word?). Glaive punched him in the throat, as the captain attempted to breath, they wedged his jaws open. One of the crew sorcerers, Nuala, detected necromantic and conjuration magic from one of his teeth. Kroops took a drink (to steady his hands) and removed a tooth with his dagger. The removed tooth was nonmagical. Kroops removed the correct tooth on the third try (“Boy, there’s a lot of teeth in there!”). The other two officers do not have any magical accoutrements on/in their bodies. Otherwise, they have been stripped down to loincloths, bound, gagged, heads are in sacks, and each is one the main deck, in plain sight of all the crew. Each is tied to a cannon ball (in case we want to throw them overboad).

Kroops and Badger mentioned the Chelish counter attack at Mancatcher Cove to Glaive – with the Private Sanctum cast each day on the main deck, Glaive wanted the prisoners in plain sight of the crew so there are no sneak attacks to reclaim these prisoners.


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