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Master of Coin’s Inventory
Notes and Spellbooks found as part of Treasure
Master of Coin’s Liquid Asset Report
Early Disbursements
Are you on my…Chitlist
The Party’s Plunder List
Infamy and Disrepute
Infamy and Disrepute Party Scores
PC Deaths
Alternate Map Links
Golarion Timeline
The Skull and Shackles Players Guide is available.
This guide discusses campaign traits, new pirate weapons, naval terminology and combat, siege engines and ship statistics.

The Parties’ Fleet
Active Crew Roster
The Black Purrl
Island Empty Eyes – map
Dread Cat Isle-Planning
Dread Cat Isle – Ghol-Gan/Cyclops History
Share the Booty

Tales ’Tween Decks
Splash Command Decisions

Council Meeting in Port Peril
Ships that you have encountered
Pirate Sea Cave Map
Shackles Free Captain Pirate Lords
Things you know about the Chelish
Port Peril Details
Temujin’s Informants

Dread Cat Isle:
D.C.I. Establishments
D.C.I. Fleet
D.C.I. Attendees
Non Attendees

Silver, Clockwork Toucan
The Liecaller
Besmara’s Bones – figurehead
Jalhazar’s Wheel
Captain’s Locker – sea chest
Zul – +1 human bane trident
Father Pyrlig’s List O’ Ships
Impossible Bottle
Scoundrel’s Cane
Eel Skin Armor
Aiger’s Kiss
Anticipate Teleport
Clevin’s Brand

Sailor Stories:
Fergal’s Story (S5)
Captain Cyrus Wolfe & Mancatcher Cove, as told by Kroops (S17)
The Fireship, as sung by Captain Damiano (S21)
Captain Lucillas Letter (S23)
Father Pyrligs Moment (S25)
Captain Lucilla’s letter to Captain Kilee (S32)
Roth Highsmith’s Letter to Zarskia Galembar (S59)

Ship Archive:
Lost Ships
The Barracuda – details
The Lash – Details
The Andoran

NPCs & other miscellany:
Anders LeCliffre
Barefoot Samms
Barnabas Harrigan
Black Dougal
Captain Lesnar
Caulky Tiroon
Chief Renwaddle Gutwad
Fipps Chumlett
George Lapin
Jol Blassey
Habbly Quern
Hainen Boyne
Jakes Magpie
Jaundaced Jape
Little Ricky
Miss Angelique Marie
Rickety Hake
Rory Shellman
Seamus Handel
Stephen Slick
Syl Lonegan
Tam Tate
Zarskia Galembar

Port Peril

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