Tales from ‘tween decks:

From time to time, you may come to learn things from your crew, about your crew. It was always be overheard, third party reports of various commentary – most likely offered by Kroops, Rosie, Seamus or Liara in the galley.

  • The Chelish sailors own the gun crew positions. They lord it over the other sailors who chafe as the Chelish rub it in. There would be strife between sailor factions if Fergal didn’t quash it. While Rosie is a competent fighter, her stature and size are a hindrance to her ability to keep order. Rosie’s orders don’t prevent fights between sailors, she has to take them down to resume control.
  • Chelish sailor, Ginger Red, has been impressed by pirates in the past before being liberated by the Chelish Navy, and impressed again by the Lachesis – he is no stranger to the process and flows with it. He is a sailor no matter whose flag flies upon the mast. It has been overheard from Ginger’s lips, that he has had his eye on Gravis, the recently enrolled Chelish marine. Gravis, while trained as a marine, has dutifully taken to his tasks as a swab, even to the point of repeated ribbing from his mates – moving from a marine to a swab would certainly be seen as a demotion. According to Ginger, Gravis has that look, that he is still in the service [presumably, Chelish naval service].
  • Overheard from Banksy, a sailor recently signed on in Little Oppara. “Fergal? What kind of name is that? It’s not Rahadoumi, nor is it Chelish? Varisian? Maybe one of those mudfen names like folk out of the Sodden Lands. You know, unedumacated folk.”

“I knew a Fergal once – well, heard of one. Fergal Blacklatch. He was a hell of a shot with that black lacquered pistol. Um, what was his ship called? Bachelor’s Delight? No. Ah-hah, the Happy Bachelor, that’s it. I heard that he was a pro for navigating the Eye of Abendego and all points in the northern Shackles, you know – Mediogalti Island, the Sodden Lands, down to Drenchport and Hell Harbor. Haven’t heard anything of him in three, maybe four years. I wonder if the Eye finally caught him.”

  • An overheard conversation between Rosie and Kroops: “What is up with Anggarna? I heard her crying herself to sleep in her hammock last night in the wee hours – it kept me up! Isn’t she a witch, y’know, with a heart of stone, off somewheres throwing children into ovens. They shouldn’t be crying,” said Rosie. Kroops shrugged and said, “thas okay, there’s nothing like a good cry.” “When do you cry?” Rosie asked. “Well, whenever I feel like crying, I drink, and when I am out of drink – well that makes me cry…”
    …A bit later…Kroops muttering to his cup of rum, maybe to Rosie, “Mmmm, Rosie, remind me to remind the captain about Bloodcove. Gots to be careful pirating around Bloodcove. Aspis Consortium runs the place and we don’t want to be taking out their ships. They will piss on us for sure if we try to sell their stuff while in port.”
  • Word heard among a number of the ship’s officers that perhaps damage and loss of men was so high, and that the men haven’t been at their best since Sage Bay. The party was doing all the hard work and heavy lifting at Mancatcher Cove – weather was warm and clear. Someone knew someone on every ship still selling Nidalese drugs. And the Nidalese ladies, well they were still giving out ‘free one’s,’ or nearly free. Maybe folks are too relaxed!
  • Word from bosun’s mate Barefoot Samms, is that morale is high. The crew shifts are gelling and functioning well in their various roles, and this opinion can be corroborated by Kroops. However, Kroops added that the crew continues to discuss the strange happenings surrounding the ‘false’ Damiano and the manner of the ‘true,’ and dead, Captain Damiano being dumped unceremoniously upon the deck for all to see. Captain Damiano’s behavior of being frequently present on deck has helped to calm the crew and keep in good spirits that everything is back to normal. Kroops did mention that {see URL Link =>} Yacine inserted herself into the conversation with the men and assured them that the Captain and party face many indescribable dangers. Sometimes those dangers follow the party back to the ship. When that happens the party, and crew, must fight bravely together! But the crew should realize that the Captain and the party always considers how best to protect the crew. But together: the Captain, the party and crew, strive to be rich and famous, and Gozreh-willing that the worst problem soon-to-come is not having enough hands to hold all the wine and women due to them!
  • The crew is not complaining about their rewards and wages and all have seen some ups and downs (pity to lose the Lachesis, the Barracuda and Devil’s Pallor) but it is felt that ‘we’ are better than other free-booter captains. When is Captain Damiano going to throw-in at Port Peril to become a Free Captain? Free Captains are often rewarded with a spot of land. Land means a fort or town (women!) and a better reputation, which means more sailors come-a-flocking, maybe enough to build an official fleet!
  • Heard from Knuckles while he was sparring with Horace, one of the new ‘Brute Squad’ recruits, that he had served with Fergal aboard the Nightgull. Horace, is a quiet, sly fellow, who counts himself lucky to have gotten off in Drenchport just before the Nightgull was sunk. However, Horace states that Fergal had gone by the name of ‘Blacky Tweens’ back then. But names are like pants and pirates often have the need to change them. Horace has since chatted up with Fergal and they appear to be friends, or at least friendly.

Scuttlebutt about the Island of the Empty Eyes:

  • The island lies in the northern part of the Shackles and has no known settlements, but Chelish warships have sometimes been scouted in the waters near the island.
  • Sailors claim the island got its name from the large statues along its shores. The statues’ eyes
    are missing, though some say the bare sockets once held enormous gemstones.
  • Colonists settled the island once before and built a fort there, but they disappeared soon after. Some say they left on a treasure hunt, but others claim they perished and their spirits now haunt the island.
  • Some say giant-sized ruins stand in the island’s highlands. They’re filled with ancient treasure, but ravenous dinosaurs fiercely guard the ruins.
  • The island’s ruins date back to the time of ancient Ghol-Gan—an empire of cyclopes that once spanned the entire west coast of Garund.

Yacine’s report to the party while they were on the Island of Empty Eyes:

  • Yacine had heard two recently picked up sailors, out of Port Peril, Chyrios and Messias, talk boldly about winning money from Pence the Knife while at the Mermaid’s Bucket. The name rang familiar to Yacine.
  • Yacine asked Kroops to share some rum and roll some dice with the boys to probe further into this chance meeting – Kroops was happy to help! It turned out that the two sailors were stone broke, but now recently wealthy after signing on to the Black Purrl and awash in some small coin courtesy of one of the party’s squad mates, the tengu, Tahpio.
  • With a few coins to scratch together, Chyrios was able to game some winnings from Pence while Messias bought some rum and a woman before shipping out with the Purrl – during this time at the Mermaid’s Bucket, Tahpio was in conversation with Alto Broadly at the bar.
  • Heard from Kroops since the Purrl has left D.C.I.. Kroops starts with a smile, "Turns out that some people know people…that little looker of a mage Leilana was waiting to talk to youse guys the other day. She was talking about Captain Madshanks and his fleet coming to join up with us. Turns out, one of those ships is the brig, the Magpie Princess, captained by one Varossa Lanteri. Hyrix’s former captain! Y’know, the one he left with a {click link=>} prize ship, and turned over to you fine officers, lock stock and barrel. I don’t think them crow folk can frown with a beak (pardon’s to you Temujin) but he don’t look too pleased over the news!"
  • Captain Damiano is a recipient of a sending (from Glaive), as he stands near to the steel-bound door in the scrag’s courtyard. “New recruits attempted to kill Kyan Kain and midshipmen on the main deck. Got word from one Josiah Harlan just in time. Seven were captured.”

[June 2018]

  • Scuttlebutt around the ship: Have you heard? I hears that Kroops had heard from Skipjack, that a prosti down in the Scrimshaw partied with Ray Lan. Word is, he talks in his sleep. He, Ray Lan that is, is that he plans on taking out the Captain all assassin-like (dagger? Claws?) and taking over the Purrl for his very own! That is some cold-blooded shit! Even for half-cat brothers. Plus! Old peace-minded Kroops planned to get things straight – y’know before rumors get out of hand (good ol’ Kroops!). Kroops went to talk to Ray Lan and you know what that Ray did – Nothin’. Ray didn’t want to talk, he got out of there lickety-split. Didn’t try to defend hisself, nor put in a good word. ’Cause he is guilty as sin!

[August 2018]

  • Words heard around the beach party:
  • Word of Battle of Bag Island (Slipcove). Free Captain Avimar Sorrinash of the vessel, The Blood Moon, led the defensive battle against Bedu Hanji’s forces. However, while Sorrinash and Free Captain Jolis Raffles’ forces provided leadership to the defense of Bag Island and the inward route heading towards Quent – it is noted that Captain Eldred Seabreaker, of the galleon, the Stormcrow and his cadre of mages were instrumental in repelling Hanji’s forces.
  • Rumors were spread of the strange allies present at the Battle of the Saravent. Strange constructs and golems – flying, shooting fire and strange ships of glass and steel cut their way through the enemy ships. After the battle lights were seen under the sea – by morning after the final battle, all signs of the strange allies were gone.


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