Things you know about the Chelish

Session 2: The party spied the captain in other ship’s boat pass by at a distance to land ashore, meeting with another unknown party at beachside. In the distance they spied a sloop but could not make out it’s name and all flags and ensigns were lowered. Only Badger is left alive who had been party to Captain Harrigan’s rendezvous.
Session 22: The Chelish were in league with the Nidalese and had a base at Sage Bay.
Session 23: Lucilla’s {see URL Link =>} letter indicating an unnamed agent working in the Shackles.
Session 26: Cherish had (4) cutters in operation in the Southern Shackles
The Hades Boatman
The Dancer
The King Crimson
The Famished Mane

Kauthus Wyk:

  1. He knew of another Chelish outpost – a port called Senara, commanded by a hellknight named Jezana Melant.
  2. Temujin then asked the name of a Chelish agent in Port Peril, Kauthus Wyk offered the name: Zarskia Galembar.
  3. Captain Damiano asked who commanded the Lash – Kauthus answered, that Louisa Scott was the captain (with Captain Lucilla having been slain)

Session 32: {see URL Link =>} Captain Kilees’ letter addressed to the captured Captain Kilee (found after the battle of Sage Bay)
Communications were delivered by:

  1. Night Voyager – manned by an all dwarf crew. Captain Cain Marko.
  2. Ravage Dawn – A letter was also delivered to Captain Jol Blassey,

Session 39: Details learned by letters secured after the battle with the Night Voyager at Never Isle:

While not explicitly pinpointed on the map, four locations were roughly indicated:

  1. Fort Anadile – Tempest Cay [north-western Shackles]
  2. Senara [south-western Shackles]
  3. Coiba [south-western Shackles]
  4. Special contact – Sahzara [Slithering Coast/Blood Cove]

From the letter, some details were learned:

  1. Chelish Port of Senara, the governor is a hell knight named Jezana Melant.
  2. Completed repairs of the Dominator, shipping out of Senara eight days ago.
  3. Direct administration of Shackle agents to be handled by hell knight – Petra Highsmith, aboard the Endurance and her husband, interim governor of Coiba, Roth Highsmith, aboard the Stormguard.
  4. King Crimson, Chelish Cutter carries a ‘cleaner’ by the name of Cat Varian.
  5. Ravage Dawn (sloop) – Captain Jol Blassey traded off a killer, Marcellus Kanos, recently slain aboard the Night Ranger, with another ‘cleaner,’ Giles Halmis.

Session 59: Details learned by a letter claimed after capturing Zarskia Galembar at the Jasperleaf Apothecary:

  1. Kill order for ‘Haddon Pike.’
  2. Unknown contact, ‘Angeli.’
  3. After ‘cleaning up’ Zarskia to head to Mazdrubal.

Session 97
What happened to Kane Marco’s ship, the Night Ranger:
The dwarf, Varren Skipjack shared all he knew. They had picked up a brother/sister, maybe husband/wife duo at the island of Coiba. They were kind of creepy. But we delivered Reicudan and Brona Dhu to the Garnet Isles, and we waited. When they returned to the ship, we sailed to the port of Halabad at the Rampore Isles. There we picked up six quiet types. Quiet, menacing, they kept to their rooms. There were two women and four men to take to Arena. The captain thought they might be assassins. We were also pressured to transport twenty slaves to Arena. Once we arrived, our passengers and slaves disembarked. We were paid really well and had a short stint of shore leave. Odds are we would be sailing towards Tempest Cay soon. A few days later, we were given a letter to head to the northern tip of Bhudrek Atoll, to meet up with Captain Jol Blassey of the Ravage Dawn for new orders. But once we got there, Captain Blassey pulled alongside, our ship was looked over by this Nidalese fellow, Karunus Impel. He spoke these words and three barbed devils appeared and ravaged our ship. The crew tried to get away, I jumped overboard and just kept swimming. I was far away, some time later when I saw the Dawn pull away and sink the ship.

Session 110
Nico quickly reviewed the intelligence they had gathered, in hopes that they had acquired data that was useful. From one of the two fire priests, they found a letter:

To my infallible master, Gabiano Brutus. You may have more details in the north, but Lady Melant murmurs that there are ongoing complications with the Six. It is noted that they are not flawless, but benefit by their association with holy ties to Lords mighty among the Shackles. They have strong ties to Besmara and Gozreh.

Both servants need to be removed for future plans to have maximized potency.

Agents have been paid and dispatched out of Corpus House. The priest of Besmara is weaker and approachable in a port town – Acquisition against this target should be generally easier.

The stronger, second target is not often alone. At Jezana’s request, I have asked for Sahzara’s aid, at great cost, to summon additional, infernal players, to aid in the elimination of the second target.

Thorin Raxus

  • They reviewed the other documents. They found a map indicating the northern Chelish fort at Bhudrek Atoll, near Tempest Cay. A second map, at the Slithering Coast, indicated the location of Sahzara – a revered, and long-lived imp who watches over Saragava and the Southern Shackles.
  • There were other notes, some indicating the multiple aliases that the party had encountered time and time again. Lon Ezeel, Nisroch, Karunus Impel and Karl Magnus appeared to be the one and the same person. They also garnered the addresses of two safe-houses, one located in Drenchport, the other in Hell Harbor.
  • Other notes detailed long-standing interactions with the imp, Sahzara. Some dates going back over 50 years. This Sahzara appeared to be a counselor regarding Sargava, the Shackles, and more recently, the utilization of Captain Harrigan.
  • There were manifests and invoices with the Rampore Isles, on behalf of it’s leader, Free Captain Bedu Hanji. Histories of purchases of slaves, materials, specialized manpower, such as assassins (the names: Cat Varian and Giles Halmis, are noted). Also additional agents, such as Reicudan and Brona Dhu as hired free-lancers on behalf of the Chelish. The Dhu’s appeared to have safe houses in Little Oppara, Quent and Slipcove.
  • One note, mulled over the gathering of observations pertaining to Lord Bonefist. It appears that Bonefist is of late, increasingly distracted by an actress named Lady Camilla. This actress, mostly likely just a whore, is the female lead from the World’s Stage Theatre in High Eastwind at Port Peril. How best can this information be used?
  • A draft of a letter from Jezana Melant to Admiral Druvalia Throne of Cheliax: Regarding Sahzara, should we make contact again? Do we have questions for him to divine? The cleanup at Coiba is complete and the site is guarded. The former governor, Mormo Saday, is currently at Garnet Gannet Island with Captain Harrigan. Should Saday be eliminated? How soon will the man-o-war, Impervious, arrive? We await for Captain Paracountess Talminari. Lastly, the man-o-war Stormguard is on patrol and should be meeting up with Captain Adelita Doloruso, at Harrigan’s command. She is solidifying plans regarding the engagement at the Island of Empty Eyes.

Session 118
A letter pulled from Sevine Dillux’s treasure bag – pilfered by his major domo, the halfling, Persil Prans.

To Sevine Dillux, Hell Harbor,

It is my understanding that Kividus is undertaking the contract for the two priests. It is best that they die. Kividus is hard to negotiate with. However, should you be able to capture their Captain alive, I would pay handsomely for him.

I think to humiliate a Free Captain in my private fighting pits, would be something, select guests would pay highly to see.

Session 121

  • The Chelish man-o-war sunk at the southern harbor of D.C.I. The dwarven captain, Kyan Kain, is taken captive – along with two officers.
  • Maps gathered from the sinking Dominator indicate three towers on the outskirts of the Bhudrek Atoll. All inbound ships to the inner circles of the atoll are threatened by some underwater defenses (they are not described, just referenced as defenses). At these three towers, navigators (known to be spellcasters) are picked up to direct the path of any ship to the Chelish port/stronghold of Fort Anadile.

Things you know about the Chelish

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